lakeclifton Autotroph
HD Video • 10 minutes • 2012
Video documentation of a project by Oron Catts of SymbioticA (University of Western Australia) addressing problems of over salination. The 'Autotroph' ironically explores the problems and possibilities of 'solutions' to climate change and ecosystem devastation.

Adaptation Exhibition

shipspotters Ship Spotters
Directo/Producer • HD Video • 10 minutes • 2011
Singapore-Fremantle-Sydney. Ship Spotters around the world pace the warfs in anticipation of the next 'Bulky' or Cargo Ship. With camera in hand and a calculated patience, these shipping enthusiasts frequent our harbours poised for the perfect shot.

Blue Ocean Film Festival Monterey, California 2012

deathdownunder Death Down Under
Co-Director • HD Video • 56 minutes • 2012
Co-directed with Kathy High (Rensselear Polytech Institute, NY, USA) this is a documentary video about death, decay and eco friendly burials. The film follows the collaboration between fashion designer/SymbioticA artist-in-residence Pia Interlandi, and UWA forensic scientist, Ian Dadour. An experimental research project was designed between the two of them to study clothing decompostition on dead and buried bodies.

International Symposium on Electronic Art 2012

bloodwars Blood Wars
HD Video • 10 minutes • 2010
Video documentation of a project designed by Kathy High at SymbioticA to look at the biological reaction of human white blood cells, and question the traits inherited through blood. Blood Wars is a competition in an ironic simulated tournament where different individual's white blood cells vei for dominance in a petri dish.

Vampire Study Group
birddoglani Bird Dog
Writer/Director HD Video •18 minutes 2009
A young woman follows her imagination on a journey towards unexpected companionship.

Moviola Short Film Channel
everyoneknows Everyone Knows This is Nowhere
Producer/Production Designer • HD Video • 22 minutes • 2007
In small town America, amidst the pressures of family loyalty, a young man struggles to leave his past behind him.
orixa Cuando Era Un Niño
Producer/Production Designer • 35mm • 5 minutes • 2007
Music video for Orixa.
gordo Gordo
Producer/Production design • 35mm • 26minutes 2006
A taco making champion leaves Mexico to seek a better life for his family in the US. What he encounters across the boarder is a world of fleeting deams and deceit.

Winner best film at:San Luis Obispo Int'l Film Festival, Cinequest Int'l Film Festival, Beverly Hills HI-Def Film Festival
storyofthedog Story of the Dog
Director •High 8 Video • 10 minutes • 2006
This documentary explores the collaborative process of creating an international, theatrical puppetry performance between Sandglass Theater (Vermont, USA) and Sovanna Phum (Phnom Penh, Cambodia). The theatrical piece explores the effect of war on private lives and includes traditional Cambodian shadow puppetry and dance with western forms of puppetry.
papajoe Portraits of Hunters Point
Director • High 8 Video • 7 minutes • 2005
A short documantary about people reconnecting with their past and reflections on a changed world and landscape.
envogue Park Life
Director •16mm • 7 minutes • 2005
A short film about a woman who has an unusual awakening in the park.
sobarzo Sobarzo Pega Fuerte
Director •High 8 video • 18 minutes • 1999
A boy from the barrio of a small town in Southern Chile ignores his odds and puts all his hopes and dreams into winning the National Boxing title.

Winner best documentary short at: Valdivia Int'l Film Festival

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